AMAHOF (Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame) has been established since 1996.

 It is allied  to WUKOHOF, the World Karate Union, but the organisation  is run independently of this body.

Its covers approx. 33 countries in this region and is recognised as  the peak body for Martial Arts in Australasia, encompassing all forms of Martial  Arts.

It formally recognises the efforts by a large range of individuals involved  in the Martial Arts and associated  bodies.

AMAHOF is a not for profit organisation, and is run as a transparent entity.

The AMAHOF Sokeship Council is run by the most senior Martial Artists and is used to verify, grade or confirm grades of members as well as other matters of rank etc. at their request.

For more info please go to our website ; 

www/amahof. asn .au

Soke Les Elliott has been a member since 1999, had served as  a Board member for 8 years, and is former President of AMAHOF.2014 to 2018