A brief history of the Academy.

The club started in Tasmania in 1991 under the name of Karate Professionals Tasmania and was run as a full time Dojo

teaching a Shotokan based style.

There was a change of direction in 1993 when the club became independant. We came under the temporary banner of John Newmans Goju club ( John was then President of the Australian Karate Federation ) this allowed us to stay with the AKF for competition purposes.

Within a year we had found a "Source of Knowlege" which all clubs have to have, and so made the giant step of changing to the Shito Ryu system. A huge change which the students coped with admirably, to their credit.

Our association with Shito Ryu continued  for many years however it was inevitable that this association had to end for the club to grow.

In our present form, Les Elliotts Karate and Kobudo Academy, we still teach Shito Ryu but maintain the  ability to explore other martial arts. We find that this gives our students a broader knowlege base from which to grow.

With this approach in mind Soke Les Elliott  introduced  Kobudo, incorporating Iaido, Jodo and various traditional weapons.

Over the past 29 years we have enjoyed great success in Competition with many students becoming National and International Champions.

Les Elliotts Karate and Kobudo Academy is a well respected organisation with the emphasis on family values and respect.