Les Elliott's Karate and Kobudo Academy 

is based  in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

We are a dynamic club with students ranging in age from 4yrs to 50 plus. 

The style of Karate taught is Shito Ryu, Soke also teaches Iaido ( traditional Japanese sword) and Jodo ( short stick defence).

Soke  also has extensive knowledge of several styles of martial art and Kobudo (weapons) occasionally holding well attended seminars and training clinics in the practice of Bo, Sai, Nunchaku as well as his core styles of Jodo and Iaido.

The emphasis is on learning in a fun atmosphere.

We emphasise respect for self and your fellow students regardless of their age or gender.

Students are encouraged to think outside the square after learning their basic techniques, Soke encourages this, as only by testing their ideas can they grow.

The positive feeling and competitive success of our martial arts academy is derived from the people who are willing to give their time and effort, and to share their skills in order to promote their Art.

Dojo Kune

Each Dojo has a set of ethics or beliefs that the students are required to honour in their lives as well as in their Karate.

Our Dojo Kune is as follows;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Toshi - Fighting spirit

Shojiki - Honesty

Seijitsu - Integrity ,

               Never compromise your beliefs.

Nintai - Patience

Discipline  - Please note - There is no Japanese word for this, they live it.


Some thoughts on Karate

* True understanding of Karate only comes through training.

* The Dojo is not a health club or gym , it is much more, exercising the "Spirit and mind" as well as the  physical body.

* Remember that Karate is learned in stages, you must first conquer one mountain to see the rest.

* Concentrate on every technique. make it your best. "A thinking mind is never bored."

* It is better to know one technique well, than to be acquainted with a thousand.

* A true karate person has an aura of power and calm that others sense instinctively.

* Remember, everyone was once a white belt.

* Each student owes their achievements to the other.

* Always be mindful of the safety and well being of your fellow students.

* Karate is a Martial Art and must not be used indiscriminately.

Soar like an Eagle