The role of the Dojo.

( and why it should be important to YOU)

Do you remember the first time you stepped inside the Dojo, what were your first impressions ?

You are probably answering, "it's a training hall."

Well, yes it is, but for those of you who have been with the club for a while you realise that it becomes so much more.

A Dojo is a place of safety, it is the place you come to when the stress of family, work or other factors in your life seem to take over.

You bring your problems, we listen.

We celebrate with you  in good times and sympathise when things go wrong.

In other words a Dojo should be a "haven", the place that you come to for mental relief and relaxation. 

We are not there to judge you, to point out your shortcomings in your regular life or to sort out your domestic woes.

Whatever your training experience on a particular night it is because of what you bring onto the mat.

Leave your "normal life" problems at the door, JUST TRAIN .

 I guarantee if you set  it all aside for 90 minutes you will leave feeling better about yourself and your situation.

We will always be there to lend an ear or in a lot of  cases a shoulder, we never want it to get to the point of you coming to us and saying that you are "having a little break".

Karate is always the first thing people decide to cut from their life in stressful times when in reality it is the very thing that you need.

If you can't find that short amount of personal time each week to train then you need to look at your life balance.

 The Dojo is a non judgemental place where you can come, be with like minded supportive people and leave all your problems at the door.

 And as I said - we are always there to listen,